• Tatiana McLane - Designer
  • Venice Wong - Co-Creator

    Photo credit: Karl Clinger

    Venice is no stranger to the business, fashion, or entertainment world. She has over 20 years of experience as a law partner in the entertainment law firm McLane and Wong which represents numerous chart topping recording artists, songwriters, and producers. She is a professional stylist with a celebrity clientele, and she is the head of the business and legal affairs for 10 year old label Queenie4ever. Venice also holds the title of "Queen Mom" to her young Hollywood fashion designing Princess Tatiana McLane.

    A Native California girl growing up in the 80s, Venice's fashion icons were the Pop Star Queens of the time: Madonna, Cyndi, and Blondie. Venice's fashion wardrobe consisted of big bows, lace, mini skirts, leggings, piled on accessories, high heel pumps worn with lace trim ankle socks and big hair. "I just got back in touch with a dear friend from my from my UCLA Days, and she still remembers the beautiful strapless white lace dress and fingerless lace gloves I wore to our Formal. I even had the big hair. I was told that I looked like one of the girls in a MTV big hair band video. And, No wonder, my hair/makeup artist worked for the movie studios and rock bands. I was her hair model; she did crazy things with my hair such as layer, perm, braids whatever she felt like creating. I was all for experimenting with creating cool new hair styles, and I would have fun putting the fashion outfits to match!"

    In the 90s, Venice's fashion icons were The Queens of the Catwalk: Cindy, Paulina, Naomi, Linda, Tatjana. "I overdosed on fashion magazines, and I tried to copy the looks I saw off the runway. I loved Paulina's hair style the best, so I wore my hair really long with blunt bangs just like Paulina. I was living in Malibu while attending law school at Pepperdine University. My wardrobe was very girly and elegant sort of like Elle in Legally Blonde. I had the pink power suit, twin sweater sets, pearls, and pencil skirts and I always wore everything with super high heels. My wardrobe got me a lot of attention including from my future law partner and Tatiana's Daddy Ben McLane who admitted that it was my fashion style that first caught his eye. I loved his love of rock 'n roll and his dream to work in the music and entertainment business. I was a big fan of rock stars too! Of course, I was more into the glamorous side of fashion than the music that fueled these icons to stardom. So, I figured we'd make a good team. Since the music industry is made up of artists who understand the importance of creating a cool fashion image which is my forte that compliments their music style that my hubby, the walking music industry encyclopedia, excels in. And, it is this combination that sets them apart from their competition. For example, who can forget Elvis' infamous white studded jumpsuit and pompadour hairdo, the Beatles invading the U.S. in matching tightly fitted dark suits, skinny ties, Cuban high heel boots, and long shaggy long hair dos. David Bowie and Boy George crossing gender boundaries with androgyny identities was genius. Or, how about 21st Century artists such as Taylor Swift hitting the stage with her chic blonde side bangs bob styled with cute granny chic clothing as she croons another song about a past relationship gone sour, Gwen Stefani's iconic red pout and bleach blonde locks is the all American compliment to her edgy reggae infused beats, and Arianna Grande's perky high ponytail perfectly swings back n forth to her high energy pop tunes. These are just some of my very favorite music icons whose fashion images I feel successfully met the challenge of melding fashion with music. And, I am so happy that my daughter Tatiana has followed in my passion for fashion footsteps beyond the art of playing dress up, but also understanding fashion as it relates to the imaging process of Hollywood's world of entertainment. Her forte is fast becoming costume designing for film and TV as you may have heard that she is now a successful key costumer and fashion historian working alongside the industry's elite costume designers and wardrobe stylists who are teaching her how to create Hollywood magic for the TV and big screen. But do not worry. Lucky for those of us who love her gorgeous gowns, she is continuing to design beautiful fairytale worthy clothing for her fashion brand Queenie4ever!

    Hence, "It's true that the tiara doesn’t fall far from the throne. Tatiana is definitely following in my footsteps. She's creative, girly, compassionate, and fiercely independent." She is a self proclaimed visionary and envisions Queenie4ever as a lifestyle brand to inspire other girls to be the Queen of their own dreams and create their own Kingdom. Tatiana was only 9 years old when she asked me to help her to start her own company. She had the dream, and I admired her determination to succeed. So together, we created Queenie4ever to be a platform to inspire other young people to follow their dreams and show them that with a lot of hard work and perseverance, they can make their dreams come true. It's the legacy I handed down to my daughter, and she's turned it into something really enchanting!" - May Your Dreams Be Filled With Fairytale Fashions & Sparkly Stilettos!

    Enchantingly Yours, Venice Wong